Al Amal Specialist Hospital functions in 3 buildings one for the Out-patient, In-patient and administrative blocks each.

1. Out-patient block has consultations for various basic and specialized clinics guided by Patient friendly Public Relations Department (PRO)

2. In-patient block has 51-bedded area which is scientifically planned for progressive patient care and to cater to all sections of society. There are various ward categories like,

a) General wards

b) Twin sharing self-contained semi-private rooms,

c) Private rooms

These provide varying degrees of comfort and convenience without compromising on the quality of technical infrastructure and medical treatment. Space is also available for one attendant per patient in all wards.

3. Our strong point is our affordable rates and packages, which are among the cheapest in the country. Not only that, we are proud to say, that no emergency case is ever turned away because of economic considerations.

Last updated: Monday, 27 March 2006
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